AIRSTRIP --- Airstrip status remains officially "closed"---

Driving Down...

Updated August 14, 2017: There may still be areas of constructions as you near Bahia de los Angeles; be on the lookout for any detours and use caution; below are examples from previous road work:

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Have your belts & hoses checked, and replace any that need it. Make sure you can change a tire with the tools you have onboard; practice at home if you have to. Keep tire changing tools in an easily accessible spot where you can get to them without having to unload your vehicle. Does your spare have air in it? Even so the roads are in better shape these days, one still needs to be prepared.

Additionally, Hwy. 1 is NOT for high speed driving, and not as you may be used to in the States.

Watch video, "Narrow Roads"

Watch video, "Narrow Roads"

Use caution, patience and be a defensive driver. I would also strongly suggest NOT TO DRIVE AT NIGHT ( a major reason why I personally prefer to break the trip up & back into two days.). The highway can be challenging enough during the daylight hours; the night brings added hazards:

Could you see & avoid the hazard in time? Are you willing to bet your life & your passengers lives on it?