Need to make a phone call, access the Internet, or send a fax? All of these services are available at Mini-Market/Deposito Lizzeth!

They offer other services and goods as well. Corona, Pacifico, Tecate and Dos Equis beer is for sale individually or by the case. Sodas, bottled water, snacks, Bahia de los Angeles T-Shirts and Visors, fishing weights, tackle and lures; Mercado Lizzeth has them all.


Placing Calls: There are no 'land lines' in Bahia de los Angeles, and the current satellite connection is different than what you'll be used to in the States. Most noticeable will be the signal lapse which can make back & forth communication challenging. Also inquire for the rates before you call, so you will have an idea of the cost. You'll probabaly want to keep your calls short & to the point, but it is nice to have a way to check in with folks back home.


Need to leave a message for someone in Bahia de los Angeles? Mini-Market/Deposito Lizeth has three phone lines available. From the U.S. dial:


011-52-200-124-9102 Ph./Fax Line


Some contact local fish guides this way. You can call one of the above numbers, pass along your name & number, & who to give it to, so they can call you back. They will have to pay the charges, so again, keeping things concise is recommended.

Sending a fax would also be another way to get in touch with someone in Bahia who does not have email or phone.


Internet: As with the phone, internet connections in Bahia de los Angeles are satellite based. Along with this, come bandwidth restrictions & considerations. This is adequate for checking email via web, but not for viewing streaming video or other such content.