A nearby place of interest is Mision San Borja. For this excursion, plan on a 2 to 3 hour drive each way. Take the road out of town, as if you would be returning to Hwy. 1. Approximately 15 miles from town, you will see a sign marking the turnoff to the Mision. It is not recommended to take vehicles with low clearance on this road as there are areas of ruts, washouts, & exposed rock. There is a rather steep, rutted hill not far from turnoff from the main road. 4 wheel drive is not necessarily needed, but a sturdy vehicle is recommended.

Keep your speed low, and realize there may be other vehicles on the path. As you near your destination, you will notice an additional sign at the fork in the road that will direct you towards the Mision grounds. Rains and other conditions can affect the road, so always be prepared.

Once a year, locals from Bahia as well as other nearby towns & ranchos gather at the Mision grounds for fiesta & a Cabalgata (horse rider procession of sorts). This takes place in early October:

For information on the Mision's history, visit the town's Museo (Museum). For guided tours, see Joel Prieto